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About Clever

Clever is a software development company based just outside of Chicago. We design and develop websites, web applications, and smartphone apps for small to medium sized businesses and consumers. Our clients and customers choose us for our expertise and stay with us for the practical and down to earth approach we bring to each project.

We'll be around for a while

Clever opened for business in 2010. Back then we were doing basic no-frills website design shop. Since then we've grown and expanded our services to include business applications as well as smartphone apps. Working with us is like being in the Army. No one gets left behind.

Programmers: They're just like us

A lot of technology companies give off a very snooty vibe. We're sure you've seen their websites. They do great work but their attitude is off-putting. We work hard to be approachable and friendly. Rather than try to overeducate you about what we do, we'd rather sit back and learn about what you do instead. Our clients hire us to make them look good online, not to get a design lesson. At the same time, we love talking about what we do and we'd be happy to answer all of your questions along the way.

If you're curious about what it is designers and programmers do and think, visit our blog.


Clever was started by Bill Patrianakos in 2010. He did and still does most of the design and development work. He's the guy who will most likely answer the phone when you call.