About The Darph

The Darph is an experimental grunge-pop project. I (The Darph) was in a band that had a rotating lineup exploring a lot of styles but mainly focusing on guitar driven music. In 2018 I decided to end the band and embark on a solo project as The Darph.

The goal of every Darph release is to never repeat yourself, always do something different, and explore unconventional, experimental ways of creating music while still making catchy music. The result is something that can be categorized into two main types of music: vibes and pop. Not every song is a catchy banger but they all have a vibe that you feel. If I can create a piece of music that makes you feel a certain way without having to put words to it then I've accomplished my goal and you're definitely "getting" the art.

I like to use cassette as a tool for recording, as an instrument, and as a physical medium for releases. A lot of my work uses cassettes in ways that go beyond standard tape loops. Lately I've been moving away from guitar and using hardware synths more and more in my music. I use found sounds, field recordings, and all kinds of samples in my work. Every year I'm looking for new ways to generate or record sounds and that process inspires me and pushes me to keep pushing my music forward.

It's very important to give back and help other artists. That's why I spend a lot of time documenting my process and techniques to share with other artists or curious listeners so they can learn from me the same way I learn from great artists like Hainbach and others.

Back in 2017, before going solo as The Darph, I started working on songs with a political message. Now, in 2020, I released a set of three LPs that were all very much about the political and social climate of that year and I plan to create more overtly political music. As a leftist my ideology is a part of my art and all that I do. That's why I'm licensing this website's source code for free and put permissive licenses on Bandcamp. I want to encourage others to use my work in a transformational way.

I don't tour. I'm a studio-only artist releasing about two LPs each year on a slow year and four if I'm able to find the time and inspiration.