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Website Design & Development

Whether you're ready to launch a brand new website or your existing site needs a clean up, we'll work with you through the process of getting your business online in the way that's most comfortable for you and within your budget.

Custom Websites

So you have an established company with with an established brand and now you need a new (or your first) website. We can help with that.

Clever's custom website service includes everything you want and nothing you don't need like

  • Designs made to fit your company's brand personality
  • The ability to manage your website through an easy-to-use CMS dashboard like Wordpress or Drupal
  • A mobile ready version of the site - on the house!
  • A foundation for future online marketing campaigns (social media integration, mailing lists, analytics, and whatever else you may need in the future)
  • Built in blogging capability - also for free

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Website redesigns

Everyone's website starts to look a bit dated after a while, usually around the 3 to 5 year mark. Don't feel bad, it's not you, it's just the way design on the web works these days.

If you're looking for a refresh of your current site get in touch and let's work together to give your site a fresh look and feel without all the usual hassle associated with redesigns.

Ecommerce sites

The prospect of selling products online can seem overwhelming at first. Questions like "how do I get my products online?" and "how can I safely accept credit cards?" are very common. The hardest part of making your first online sale is setting up your online storefront. Once that's out the way the rest is a simple, mostly hands-off process.

Clever can help you create an attractive online storefront that allows your customers to browse products, maintain a shopping cart, and buy items through a secure checkout process all hosted on your website on your domain. Never deal with the limitations of someone else's ecommerce site again.

Use your own domain name and website - Maintain a professional look by making sure customers are shopping on your website and not someone else's online storefront.

Add or edit products yourself through a simple dashboard - Yes, it really is easy to manage your online store. Just log in, click a button, fill out some product information, then press Publish and your online store will be updated with the latest product information.

Automatically track inventory so out of stock items don't appear on your site - There's no need to manually track the number of items in stock. Just enter the quanitity of each item you have in stock and your inventory will be tracked automatically when a sale is made.

Be 100% PCI compliant with secure (SSL) checkout pages - We'll make sure your website is secure with SSL (the green bar or lock) so your customers can shop safely. You'll also be able to charge customers' credit and debit cards without having to collect or store that information on your servers (ask us how we do that).

Use your choice of payment gateway - You don't have to choose PayPal anymore! Some businesses prefer the ability to host their own check out pages. This keeps customers on your site and gives a more professional image. No matter what payment provider you're set up with we can integrate your website with them. Don't have a payment gateway yet? We can set you up with one with no monthly fees (our favorites are Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net).

Keep in touch with your customers! - Send periodic emails to remind them of sales and offer repeat customers coupons or loyalty rewards.

Web applications

Sometimes you need a custom built application to take your business to the next level. Clever has extensive experience developing bespoke web applications for businesses of all types. We've created software to help businesses with things like:

  • Process automation: Have a computer do tedious, repetitive tasks so you and your staff can focus on what you do best. After all, that's what computers were made for.
  • Data processing: Take those huge Excel spreadsheets you've been fighting with and turn them into an easy-to-use computer program that'll store and crunch any data you can throw at it.
  • Legal and compliance: Companies in industries with strict data retention regulations can benefit from custom applications that allow for secure long term storage of your data and quick, easy, on demand audits for compliance purposes.

But that's not all we can do. If you've ever wished there was a program you could use to handle some recurring, time consuming task in your job then you can benefit from a custom application from Clever. Call or email us today and we'll have a conversation to determine what type of solution we can develop for your organization.

Technologies we use

If you have an existing technology stack being maintained internally or by a third party then you may want to ensure that we can work with your existing infrastructure. If this applies to you or you're just curious about the technologies we use then read on. Otherwise, give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll be happy to talk about our technology solutions for your business.

Languages and Frameworks

We have development experience and expertise in the following non-exhaustive list of technologies:

Platforms and languages we develop: PHP, Ruby, Node.js

  • PHP
    • CodeIgniter
    • Wordpress
    • CakePHP
    • Laravel
  • Ruby
    • Rails
    • Sinatra
    • Rack applications
  • JavaScript
    • Node.js